Article text
"I have the freedom to choose what I desire to
manifest in my life.
Freedom means that I am in
control of how I respond and know when to let go
of what I cannot control.

When I feel exempt from the control of what others
say, do, or perceive
I have the power to determine my
actions. I do not need the approval of others. I am
free to choose my course of action by listening to my
Spirit, my intuition that will guide me safely and
lovingly on my journey.

True freedom is the ability to choose what is most
loving and supportive for you despite other people's
opinions. Many people will have a judgment about
your choice and many people believe they know the
best and right way to do something.

Everyone knows what is best for him or her even
though it may look like a mistake to someone else.

Trust that you know what is best for you and others
know what is best for them. You are always free to
choose for yourself."

Helen Valleau